Opiates—highly addictive, widely used, and trusted by medical professionals to relieve the symptoms of acute pain. While highly effective, do we ever stop to consider whether these narcotics are doing more harm than good? Opioid addiction is exponentially increasing in the United States, and these pills are readily given to patients to help them cope with a wide range of acute and chronic pain conditions. Everyone knows that addiction can weigh heavy on the hearts of those affected—both directly and indirectly—and negatively impact your mind while decreasing daily function and focus.

 A recent study performed by The University of Colorado, Boulder addresses an intriguing topic that correlates opiates with post-surgical chronic pain.

Medical News Today published an article that reveals details of this controversial study, with results that may contradict the primary purpose of these prescriptions. The experiment used groups of rats in which they varied how long opioids were used prior to or post-surgery, as well as weaning and abrupt discontinuation of opiate use. Researchers may have discovered a link between chronic pain and post-operative drug use that demands our attention.

Ketamine infusion therapy can be used as an alternative treatment for prolonged discomfort with little to no risk of addiction. Controversial, yes, but similarly to that of medical opioid effectiveness and said to relieve long-term chronic pain for up to six months. Ketamine infusions are administered in a clinical setting, under the watchful eye of a highly trained emergency physician, anesthesiologist or nurse. Unlike opiates, which are prescribed, ketamine is never given to patients for use at home. Opiates are great at what they do, but imagine the same results without the risk of dependency.

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