Research continues to yield positive information about the use of ketamine for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. Beyond mood disorders, ketamine treats chronic pain – conditions such as CRPS and fibromyalgia, as well as hospice pain – and has also been used to prevent relapse in alcoholics and addicts. Life-changing applications for ketamine continue to present themselves – and as study after study continues to prove its viability as the most effective depression treatment potential ever – the negative stigma associated with ketamine is slowly slipping away.

However, the high cost of ketamine infusions remains an issue and is a major barrier for people who are suffering.

The average cost of ketamine infusions in the country is between $400 and $800, and, until the FDA approves ketamine for the treatment of depression and mood disorders, most insurance companies will not cover this cost. Currently, an isolation of the ketamine molecule has been fast-tracked for FDA approval, and the recent discovery about the mechanism that may make ketamine so effective has propelled researcher towards developing a new, equally effective drug that can be patented and profitable for pharmaceutical companies.

At Ascend Ketamine, we offer the lowest price on ketamine infusions in Houston, with each infusion costing $375. Patients typically receive 4 infusions over an initial 2-week period, after which they receive maintenance infusions in order to maintain the positive results of their treatment. Even at our low price, however, the cost of ketamine infusions adds up quickly and is still inhibitive to many people in Houston and beyond. Those patients whose depressive symptoms have been effectively relieved through ketamine infusions know that ketamine is truly priceless. You can’t put a price tag on mental health and happiness.

If you think ketamine infusions could help your depressive symptoms, psychiatric condition, or pain, but are concerned about the cost, it may help to know that, after your first couple of infusions, you’ll know whether or not ketamine is effective for you. You are under no obligation to commit to any number of infusions, and, in fact, no reputable ketamine infusion clinic should ask you to do so.

Compared to the lifetime cost of antidepressant prescriptions – depending on your insurance coverage – you may find that ketamine infusions even cost less.

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