Using ketamine to treat mood and psychiatric disorders—such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and PTSD—is misunderstood by many people. However, ketamine has worked life-changing miracles in patients who have been unable to treat their symptoms using more traditional, pharmacological and psychotherapeutics methodologies.

Studies show that ketamine effectively treats depression in upwards of 70% of patients. These patients—and their doctors—are eager to share their ketamine success stories, hoping that they may increase awareness and help change the stigma of this highly effective yet quite controversial depression treatment.

A Doctor’s Advice About Ketamine

Dr. Keith Ablow has 20+ years of experience in psychiatry. He boldy claims that ketamine infusions are the most exciting modern advancement for the treatment of depression and anxiety. Ablow has seen patients once crippled by depression, who haven’t been able to hold a job in many years, able to return to work within weeks of receiving IV ketamine treatments. Patients once so ridden with anxiety that they were unable to leave their homes, able to do such activities as travel the world with their families. Ketamine, when used in conjunction with psychotherapy and other healthy lifestyle adjustments, enables patients to piece their lives back together, painting a rich and fulfilling picture for their futures.

Recent studies regarding the use of ketamine to treat chronic pain prompted some doctors to suggest the use of ketamine in order to reduce the use of opiates while effectively improving pain in patients suffering from CRPS, Lyme disease, chronic migraines and as a fibromyalgia treatment.

Patient Success Stories

Jeff Ellis suffered from severe depression for many years leading up to his complete mental collapse. Hopeless and suicidal, Ellis found himself at a ketamine clinic in southern California—and it changed his whole life. Watch an interview with Ellis here:

Another patient had tried everything to treat her depression, panic disorder and anxiety—antidepressants, antipsychotics, benziodiazepines, mood stabilizers, electroconvulsive therapy, etc. Nothing worked. She did some research and found that she was a candidate for ketamine infusions. After just one ketamine infusion, she said, “I was freed from the weight, that heavy, dark, lonely, cloud that followed me for so long. I could breath!! And it only continued to get better as the days passed.” That same patient reports a significant reduction in the amount of medications she takes, and that she is able to laugh, smile, feel, and truly live her life. “I feel like I’ve found my life again.”

Still more patients report having a bounce in their step after only a few ketamine infusions. The ability to giggle. eyeing “on top of the world.”

Some people, unfortunately, do not respond to ketamine infusions, though their symptoms are no worse for trying. Patients typically know whether ketamine will work for them after only two infusions. Once a ketamine infusion has been administered, there are very few side effects, and, contrary to popular belief, ketamine is not physically addictive. For those who are severely depressed, suicidal, or unable to function in their daily lives as a result of a mood or psychiatric disorder, ketamine is a must-try treatment that could change or save their lives.

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