Battling a bad reputation as a horse tranquilizer and hallucinogenic club drug, ketamine is finally starting to gain popularity as a depression treatment. In the United States alone, there are more than 250 private clinics legally offering off-label ketamine infusions for the treatment of clinical depression. Success story after success story—and research study after research study—continues to support the idea that ketamine is the most effective antidepressant to become available in the market since the 1950s.

Effective in about 70% of patients, ketamine relieves depressive symptoms rapidly—even in those patients who have resisted other forms of treatment. Ketamine changes lives—and even saves lives—reducing suicidal ideation and enabling once debilitated patients to rebuild rich and fulfilling lives.

Some critics argue that ketamine clinics are charging patients simply to get high, without the legal implications. Because of ketamine’s history of recreational abuse as a party drug, many believe that it is a physically addictive substance, and that ketamine infusions are a dangerously close alternative to prescription opiates. But ketamine, unlike opiates, is not physically addictive. Furthermore, ketamine clinics rarely send patients home with prescriptions; rather, patients receive a very low dose of ketamine via IV over the course of 45-minutes to two hours, depending on their symptoms. Infusions are closely monitored by highly-trained clinicians, and patients receive attentive after-care until the effects of the infusion have completely worn off.

But finally, after many years spent battling false beliefs and the negative stigma surrounding ketamine infusions, the drug’s reputation is starting to shift to the positive side. Science and data has started to outweigh rumors and hearsay. The life-changing benefits of ketamine infusions are beginning to overshadow the dangers of abusing the drug in a recreational setting. More and more people are beginning to realize that the risk of administering ketamine is much more harsh than the risk of not administering ketamine. CBS News recently ran a feature on ketamine and it’s growing popularity:

There will always be some percentage of the population who refuse to open their mind to new uses for an old drug. Our job, as one of Houston’s premiere ketamine clinics, is to educate those living in or around our city and spread a message of hope to those suffering. Our website features a wealth of information, from the data and science supporting ketamine for depression, to FAQs and a library of news articles about these revolutionary treatments. Get educated and learn more about the science behind ketamine infusions—they just may save your or a loved one’s life someday.

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