There is an undeniable connection between depression and chronic pain. While depression is a clinical mental health disorder, it manifests with inexplicable psychical ailments: migraine headaches, back pain, etc. And while chronic pain is a clinically physical condition, it manifests with inexplicable mental ailments: elevated stress levels, poor quality of sleep, low self-esteem, etc. And the worst part: these mental and physical conditions perpetuate each other. Chronic pain exacerbates depressive symptoms. Depressive symptoms result in heightened levels of pain. And so on…

Breaking the Pain-Depression Cycle

Being proactive is the most important step an individual can take in an effort to break the pain-depression cycle. Acute pain can easily become chronic pain if left unaddressed. Advocate for yourself and speak to a physician if you notice any of these symptoms, even if you don’t think they are anything to be concerned about:

  • Depression, sadness or anxiety
  • Poor quality sleep or trouble falling asleep
  • Loss of hope
  • Loss of interest in enjoyable activities
  • Changes to your appetite
  • Inability to become motivated

Be mindful of—and avoid—stressful situations, as stress can result in heightened pain levels. And don’t assume that depressive symptoms will be resolved when your pain is minimized. It’s better to talk about what you’re experiencing now than it is to spend months or years suffering in the future.

Ketamine Infusions for Chronic Pain & Depression

Ketamine treatments are proven to reduce chronic pain and alleviate the symptoms of depression in up to 70% of patients. If chronic pain and depression are negatively impacting your life, ketamine infusions may be an option for you. Taking a multi-disciplinary approach to treating chronic pain, depression, and other psychiatric disorders, however, is a more high yield approach than any one therapy. Other treatment options to consider include:

  • Psychotherapy or counseling
  • Exercise, meditation, journaling, and other mind-body solutions
  • Medicinal or pharmacological solutions

Ketamine infusions coupled with any of the above treatments will likely yield the most promising results, minimizing chronic pain and effectively reducing depressive symptoms before they become untreatable. 

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