Ketamine infusion centers are opening their doors in every corner of the country, providing millions of Americans with a promising treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), other psychiatric disorders, and chronic pain. Ketamine infusions effectively improve depressive symptoms in upwards of 70% of patients, when administered properly and under the right conditions. As of now, ketamine has not been FDA approved as a depression treatment – ketamine clinics, therefore, are privately owned and operated, making it a challenge to identify the most credible ketamine infusion clinic.


You’ve decided to give ketamine infusions a try. Great! But how do you find the ketamine clinic that is right for you? Here are a few things to consider:

Will your mental healthcare practitioner recommend a ketamine infusion center?

Taking the recommendation of a healthcare provider you know and trust is always a good start. Ask your psychologist, psychotherapist or therapist about the best ketamine clinics in Houston or near you.

Who will administer and monitor your ketamine infusion therapy? 

Ketamine infusion therapy should always be administered and monitored by a licensed physician. Physicians with a background in emergency care, mental healthcare or anesthesiology are uniquely equipped to provide ketamine infusion therapy. Your ketamine infusion should be monitored by a nurse, nurse practitioner or physician assistant – someone with credentials in basic life support and medication administration.

How much do the ketamine infusions cost? Is there a fee for your first consultation?

When it comes to ketamine infusions, skimping on cost at the sacrifice of quality is never a good idea. At Ascend Ketamine, we offer Houston’s lowest priced ketamine infusions, plus a free consultation for all new patients. Our team of emergency and hospice physicians ensures the safety and comfort of each patient. We want to make ketamine accessible to as many people as possible, which is why we keep our costs down and our quality high. We are one of the best ketamine clinics in Houston – and all of Texas.

How far are you willing to travel – in Houston and beyond – for ketamine infusions? Do you require in-home ketamine infusions? 

Our Houston ketamine clinic is easily accessible from anywhere in the Greater Houston area. Ascend Ketamine is also one of the first ketamine clinics in the country to offer in-home ketamine infusions, making ketamine infusions an option for those who are unable to leave their home.


Please seek out an alternative ketamine infusion center if the one you are considering practices any of the following:

  • Outrageous ketamine infusion cost – anything upwards of the $500-800 national average
  • Experimental ketamine infusion protocols; make sure your clinic uses protocols that are supported by nationally acknowledged statistics and data
  • Unnecessary (and costly!) testing procedures; if it isn’t required by the National Institute of Mental Health, you don’t need it
  • Requiring any other form of treatment in conjunction with your ketamine infusions
  • False or overexaggerated claims about the success of ketamine as a treatment for depression
  • Lack of understanding as to how ketamine for depression works

Like in other areas of life, if something doesn’t feel right, follow your instinct. You should feel 100% comfortable with and confident in your ketamine infusion clinic.


If you need help choosing the right ketamine infusion clinic in Houston or other areas of Texas, contact us using the brief form below. We are happy to offer a free consultation to answer any questions you have about ketamine for depression and help you determine if Ascend is the right ketamine clinic for you or your loved one.