Suicide is the second leading cause of death in adolescents. 40% of those adolescents fail to respond to first-line treatments, or to depression medication in conjunction with psychotherapy. But ketamine infusions and ketamine for suicidal depression offer hope, and fast.

While the antidepressant effects of ketamine were discovered in the ‘80s, ketamine infusions for the treatment of depression weren’t introduced until around 2000, and weren’t popularized until about 2012. But even once ketamine clinics became a regular sighting across the country, practitioners were hesitant to infuse adolescents and children.

This Scientific American article, ‘The Ketamine Breakthrough for Suicidal Children,’ details the life-changing impact of ketamine infusions on a 14-year old patient with severe, treatment-resistant depression and a desire to end her life. Thanks to ketamine for suicidal depression, the young patient is not only able to live, but wants to live, a normal teenage life. She metamorphosed, almost instantly, from a lethargic adolescent, unable to get out bed, missing 60+ days of school per year, to not missing any school, preparing for college, and looking forward to her senior prom – and first date!

“While most anti-depressants take weeks to work and offer modest improvement, ketamine offers dramatic improvement in less than a day.”

–Jack Turban, Scientific American

Yes, ketamine proves time and time again that it is a miraculous drug for the treatment of depression in adolescents and adults. There are still uncertainties, but in situations like the one detailed in Scientific American’s article, the risk of not using ketamine far outweighs the minimal risks associated with using it.

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