Ketamine infusions are one of the most effective treatments for depression and anxiety, effectively improving symptoms in about 70% of patients. Regardless of the remarkable results, ketamine treatments have been slow to gain traction. There are many misconceptions about this long-time anesthetic, for example, that it is physically addictive, or that it is only a veterinary medication, etc. But study after study shows the hope and healing that this drug could bring to people suffering in immeasurable mental pain—including chronic, multi-trauma PTSD.

Earlier this year, ketamine made headlines as a potential “PTSD vaccine,” of sorts, with studies showing its effectiveness in protecting first responders and military personnel from developing PTSD. Now, ketamine infusions are earning attention for treating PTSD in both active duty military personnel and veterans. Because ketamine is oftentimes very effective at reducing suicidal ideation, this could be a life-changing and life-saving treatment for individuals who have been exposed to unspeakable trauma.

Right here in Texas, the Consortium to Alleviate PTSD will be conducting a 4-week study involving 200 military personnel and veterans, testing various methods of administering and dosing ketamine infusions. Hopefully the results will answer questions about how to best use ketamine as a treatment for PTSD—and ultimately bring hope to millions.

Until the discovery of ketamine for PTSD, the only medications available to treat the disorder were Zoloft and Paxil—both of which take upwards of 10 weeks to take effect, and both of which have resulted in poor outcomes in military and veteran populations. Ketamine is not FDA approved for the treatment of PTSD, though private clinics across the country have made infusions widely available and accessible.

At Ascend Ketamine, we treat patients in the Greater Houston Area for a wide range of psychiatric and mood disorders, including depression, anxiety and PTSD. We have seen the remarkable results that ketamine treatments can generate, lifting the shroud of darkness from these people’s lives, allowing them to experience a more gratifying and fulfilling existence. We hope that first-responders and combat veterans will experience the same the results we’ve seen at our ketamine clinic.

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