Ketamine’s ability to rapidly improve the symptoms of treatment-resistant depression has earned its place in the headlines as of late. But ketamine is also an effective treatment for anxiety disorder, as well as for other psychiatric disorders, including PTSD, bipolar disorder and postpartum depression. These disorders, it is believed, are a result of damaged neuronal connectivity – damage which worsens the longer an individual suffers. By triggering the brain to release glutamate, a restorative neurotransmitter, ketamine can act as a catalyst for repairing the synaptic damage caused by even many years of depression, anxiety, PTSD and other psychiatric disorders.

Even though these disorders are all caused by damaged neural pathways in the brain, they manifest very differently, each with its own set of mental, emotional and physical symptoms:


Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Nervousness about the future and its uncertainties
  • Feelings of impending doom and the belief that something could go terribly wrong
  • The urge to avoid devastation by running away
  • Shaking, sweating, or the sudden urge to run
  • Increased heart rate, digestive issues, and hyperventilation

Symptoms of Depression

  • Feelings of sadness and hopelessness about the future
  • The belief that nothing positive will happen now or in the future
  • The belief that the future will only bring sadness and negativity
  • Lack of energy, motivation or emotion
  • Delayed thinking and behavior
  • Loss of appetite and poor sleeping patterns

Oftentimes, the symptoms of anxiety disorder lead to depression, dragging people through a painful and hopeless cycle of destructive emotions. If you believe that you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or both, please reach out to a mental healthcare provider right away.

Other Treatments for Anxiety

Besides ketamine for anxiety, alternative anxiety treatments include benzodiazepines, which work quickly but are highly addictive with potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms, as well as buspirone and antidepressants, which must be taken for a few weeks before a patients’ symptoms might be alleviated.

There is no cure-all solution for anxiety, and most of those suffering from anxiety require a unique blend of medication and psychotherapy to effectively relieve the symptoms.

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