Using Ketamine to treat anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD has been life-changing for patients who have not been able to treat their symptoms using other methods.

Studies have shown that Ketamine successfully treats depression in more than 70% of patients.

Even more willing to share their stories of success are our patients.

Here are some of our Ascend Ketamine clinic reviews.

Karly S had high praise of the team at Ascend Ketamine. Awesome, professional and kind doctors and staff. I honestly can’t say enough good things about Ascend! They take great care of me every time.”

Kendal B agreed, “Ascend Ketamine has saved my life. The doctors are amazing and kind and truly care about you. I would recommend them to anyone that needs Ketamine.”

For many people, a visit to Ascend Ketamine isn’t just about an infusion. They need to feel comfortable – and we take pride in making sure our clients are looked after.

Thomas L was in a dark place before starting Ketamine infusions and now highly recommends the process to anyone who asks. “I truly get the sense that every single person I have encountered in this facility genuinely cares about my well-being and are invested in my progress. Before I began the Ketamine infusions my life was in a dark place to put it simply. I had struggled with major depression and anxiety disorders from the time of adolescence. I’m so grateful for the doctors here who are willing to offer these infusions at a more affordable cost than any other Ketamine infusion center I have researched, and by a significant margin. No negative things to say!”

Here’s what a few of our other customers have had to say:

Robert C: For those with PTSD- this works and produces rapid results. Everyone that I have met at this facility has exhibited the highest degree of knowledge, professionalism, and above all, kindness.”

Wren B:Dr. Diner & Dr. Thestrup have not only provided a consultative approach with the Ketamine treatments but also approached the depression disease process with an integrative approach. They not only provide infusion therapy but a 360 diagnostic with dietary suggestions, supplement suggestions and additional resources to reinforce and perpetuate the effects of Ketamine treatments. It has been an incredible experience to get helpful advice to help change my lifestyle and mitigate my depression.”

Finally, Eva V stated ketamine has helped her deal with her Bipolar Disorder. Suffering for more than 25 years, she received marginal results with traditional approaches. She tried a variety of meds, psychotherapy, and ECT that only partially improved some symptoms. For Eva V, Ascend Ketamine was a game changer.

“After five treatments, the changes were noticeable. I woke up alert and clear. Fatigue/ disengagement that once allowed me to barely (if) complete basic work and life chores, suddenly became easier. I am clear-eyed and able to complete cognitive tasks that once overwhelmed me. I don’t slog through the day and crash. I can work, complete errands, and tackle household work, without exhaustion and brain fog. My anxiety diminished, and my unpredictable emotional responses lessened. The doctors and nurses were committed, compassionate and informative. I can’t say enough about the fast symptom reduction and the positive care that I received from the doctors and nurses at Ascend.”

If you, or someone you love, could benefit from Ketamine infusion therapy, get in touch with our team today for a free consultation by filling out the comment form below.