Integrative medicine puts the patient at the forefront. It addresses what impacts your health, from physical to mental, emotional to social, and spiritual to environmental issues. All of these factors influence your health and wellness. Every patient who requests an integrative consult receives a personalized treatment strategy based on their unique circumstances and needs. This means you get appropriate interventions that will support your health and healing.

Integrative Medicine Supports Quality Health

According to a study from the University of California, Irvine, integrative medicine is going above and beyond in terms of patient health. In particular, it’s about relieving suffering, as well as improving the care a patient receives. It isn’t about replacing traditional medicine with alternatives or vice versa; it’s about looking at your whole self and integrating care options for the greatest result. There is the added benefit of reduced hospital costs as well.
When it comes to integrative medicine, the patient is a partner with the practitioner during the healing process. Everything that can influence your health will be taken into consideration. We embrace non-invasive interventions, as well as natural ones, relying on all science that heals. We personalize care to your needs, circumstances, and condition.

The Importance of Integrative Medicine

You can’t just address your immediate health problem, whether it’s depression, PTSD or anxiety. It’s also important to address skills and behaviors that will support your overall health. At our Ascend Houston clinic, we also discuss lifestyle changes that you can make, along with dietary needs, supplements, and more.
Ultimately, integrative health is focused on improving the outcome of treatments for patients. It has a place in conventional healthcare because everything about you impacts your health. Your socioeconomic status, genetics, your culture and lifestyle all have a role to play in your overall health and wellness. We must take this into account when creating an appropriate treatment plan.
Integrative medicine is treating the whole person, and there are a number of aspects that must also be considered to facilitate healing. We offer support along the way.

Seeking Integrative Treatment Options

When you are a patient of Ascend Ketamine, you have the option of choosing our integrative medicine consultation. When you choose integrative medicine, there is an hour-long intake session where we discuss your needs, medical history, and the best course of action.
We will work with you throughout the process of your treatment, and offer support to you ever step of the way. Follow up sessions are in person, or over the phone, and allow us to check in with you to see how you are progressing with your therapies.
Your health is an ongoing process, and integrative medicine will play a major role in this. You can contact us to schedule an initial consultation or visit us in person to schedule your integrative medicine consultation in Houston. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have when it comes to choosing the best integrative medicine solutions for your health.