Houston Ketamine And The Treatment Of Terminal Illness

If you, or someone you love, have recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness, it’s essential that you know – you’re not alone. According to the Pew Research Center, 42% of Americans have a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Houston Ketamine
What Is A Terminal Illness?

A terminal illness is defined as a disease or condition that cannot be cured, and that will eventually lead to death. The major source of this is cancer, and more than 1,500 Americans die from cancer every day. Other terminal illnesses include:
Dementia / Alzheimer’s
Motor Neurone Disease
Lung Disease
Neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s
Advanced heart disease

How Can Houston Ketamine Help?

Ketamine infusions can actually assist patients with a terminal illness in several ways. Research has found numerous advantages compared to conventional medicines, particularly that it seems to act faster, and lasts longer than pharmaceutical drugs. For someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, there are a number of ways in which ketamine could provide a better quality of life.

Pain Management

For more than 50 years, ketamine has been used for pain management, in particular as an anesthetic in hospital emergency departments. In more recent years, ketamine has been used by those suffering from chronic pain. It provides an alternative the pharmaceutical medicines, and it’s effective for various ailments, including spinal injuries, migraines, neuropathic pain – and of course, pain related to cancer and terminal illness.
Decrease Anxiety
When someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness, they are bound to feel scared. Even a little terrified. Ketamine can help to reduce anxiety in the lead up to death and give patients better peace of mind when the time comes closer to passing. According to research, people who had access to psychedelic medications, such as ketamine, actually stated they were no longer scared of death and rather, felt at peace.

Aids Depression Symptoms

For someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, there is an abundance of emotions. One of these could be depression. The thought of dying before you are ready to can lead to extreme anger and melancholy. Recent reports and research across the world have confirmed that ketamine acts fast to work against depression, with patients generally feeling happy again within a few hours. Many patients feel that after a few treatments, they no longer have any depression symptoms at all.

The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health recently studied ketamine use in the treatment of depression in patients in hospice care. The research found that standard antidepressant medications don’t work fast enough in this setting, whereas of the 31 in-patients who were treated with ketamine, 93% showed substantial mood improvements in the first three days, while 80% were feeling more positive for up to seven days.

In Houston, Ketamine infusions are easy at Ascend. If you, or someone you love, has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness and want to find out more about how ketamine can help, get in touch with our team today. Our ketamine infusions for the treatment of pain related to terminal illness start at just $770 for a three hour session.