The on-going debate of nature vs. nurture is widespread, and applicable to a variety of topics. The nature concept is the idea that some individuals are born more susceptible to mental health issues based on their genetic make-up. Nurture is the notion that implies that environment has more influence than our innate characteristics or DNA. Depression is becoming more widespread today. Does that signify that we are genetically predisposed to mental illness, as implied by the nature argument? Or do our experiences have a greater impact? Is it a mix of both? There is an array of studies that show support for both sides of the controversy. But based on the results of a new study, genetics may be a significant piece of the puzzle than originally thought.

A recent article in Newsweek shared the results of a massive study led by the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and University of Queensland in Australia. The team carried out a DNA meta-analysis of 135,000+ people with depression vs. 350,000 mentally healthy people. They discovered 44 genetic risk factors associated with the development of depression— an important break through in mental health research. We still need to consider environmental factors including: death, loss, poverty and others. This however may be the reason that only 40% of people respond to traditional antidepressants and 60% do not, especially since many antidepressants are targeted at the genes linked to depression in this recent study.

Besides antidepressants, there are other options when looking to treat mental health disorders such as clinical depression. Ketamine infusion therapy is effective in up to 70% of patients. The 30% who do not respond may be due to their genetic makeup. But what is great about ketamine for depression is that it physically repairs damaged neural connections in the brain; essentially reversing the damage caused by long-term depression; enabling new, healthy connections to form. This chemistry transcends genetics, making it highly effective.

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