If you have been suffering from chronic pain, depression PTSD, anxiety or mood disorders, there is no better time than the holidays season to start receiving ketamine infusion treatments. Ketamine treatments will have better results when received with a support network around you. There are many benefits to beginning treatment over the holiday period, and below are just some of the reasons.

You Will Have More Support Around You at a Ketamine Clinic Near You

Generally, during this season, most will have family visit to celebrate the holidays. If you are local, having family around you during treatments can give you a far better support network than you would typically have, making it better for your recovery. Support from family members will offer an extra element of motivation, and it will also help the days after treatment to run smoothly for you. Depending on the type of treatment you receive, you will need to have someone to drive you home after the infusion. Having family around opens up your options.

Travelling To Receive Infusions Can Help You Transform

Sometimes removing yourself from your environment is the best way to create a fresh beginning. If you are from out of town and want to visit our Houston or San Antonio clinics during the holidays, it may improve your chances for recovery. If your treatments are for depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mood disorders, removing yourself from triggers during the holiday period can be a good idea. Being separated from stress and daily routine can dramatically change the way you recover. Having options to travel and improve your health at the same time is a huge benefit.

Taking Time Off Work For A Full Recovery

By removing yourself from your daily routine or day-to-day life will improve your chances of immersing yourself into a full recovery. Taking a few weeks off work around the holiday period can enhance your results. Maybe even book an extra few days after your infusion therapy to relax by yourself before returning to your daily stresses.

Returning After the Holidays a New Person

Although ketamine infusion therapies may not resolve symptoms immediately, the results after just a couple of infusions will can have a massive impact on your life. Taking a few weeks out to receive your ketamine infusion therapy will increase your chances of a full recovery. It is recommended that treatment for depression will require 6-7 infusions over a timeframe of 5-7 weeks. The most important time of the treatment period is the first two weeks where you will receive 4 infusions. Taking two weeks off of work over the holiday period could be the game changer in your life. Once your serial treatments have taken place, you can take some time out to yourself, reassess where your life is going, and start completely refreshed with a whole new outlook on life. The best time to book your ketamine infusion treatments is now. Find a Ketamine Clinic Near Me

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